Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

The ‘PRIVACY POLICY’ stated below gives users an insight into how we access, collect, and use their information and data shared online on the web-based support platform/website, expert solutions

The support platform, which is owned and operated by the resourceful team of support professionals, is committed to providing users with complete privacy and protection to their data, i.e., all identifiable and non-identifiable information shared online on the website. Users’ personally-identifying information might be stored or used by us for the communication purpose only so that users can be bestowed with the best of our support services.

Users are given assurance that their information shared on the printer support platform expert solutions will be in our safekeeping in complete security and protection. Our privacy policy respects and recognizes your right to confidentiality and is committed to protecting the privacy of the visitors to its website.


We collect users’ personal data aiming to improve our support services. This is why we collect users’ data and personally identifiable information left by users while exploring the website. The collected data may include users’ names, phone numbers, email addresses, and website history. Personally identifiable data is accessed through online text boxes filled by users while the website history is collected through cookies.

We can use the cookie that is given to a web browser by a web server. The main reason to use cookies is to identify users and possibly prepare customized web pages for them. The data collected by us on the website help us find users’ search preferences that further help us serve them with our services. Users seeking services shall agree to share their data and personally identifiable information online on the website.


The users’ data collected on the website is used within the legal norms to enhance our support services.our experts at ‘ Support Phone Numbers’ decide on how the data collected on the website can be harnessed to improve support services. This is worth noting here that the data we collect online from the website can be shared with our partners who assist us in the course of support services.


We, the owner of the website expertsolutions, provide our users with the assurance of privacy and protection of their data and personally identifiable information that they share online with us on the support website as mentioned. With appropriate data security norms in place, we ensure that the users’ information remains in safekeeping with us. We, in order to ensure so, comply with the ideal data security and privacy policy.

Changes to the Privacy Policy We reserve a complete right to update the above norms of our Privacy Policy at any time with our sole discretion. No user shall be given prior notice of the changes made to the website. The most updated version and changes integrated into the Privacy Policy could be reviewed by clicking on the “Privacy Policy” on our website. It is all your responsibility to refer to this page before providing any information on the website. If the user provides his/her information after changes made to the Privacy Policy, users will be considered agreed to all Privacy Policy norms stated, added or modified above.